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Risk Analyst

The role of a risk analyst can vary drastically depending on the company and department. The security industry employs risk analysts that focus on a wide range of subjects, from cyber risks to political security. A risk analyst role can require the skills of a generalist who can keep their employer and its clients up-to-date with developing risks, to highly skilled specialists that focus solely on a specific topic.


Daily duties of a risk analyst:

  • Monitor emerging trends in the risk sphere

  • Proactively update clients on risk mitigation

  • Produce reports on specific risks for internal and external circulation

  • Answer ad-hoc client requests

  • Provide insight and assistance on internal risk requests

  • Complete routine tasks including producing product updates for clients


A day in the life of a political risk analyst:

0830 – 0845: Sift through emails that have requiring answering and plan the day

0845 – 0945: Browse news sources, social media sites, intelligence channels for events that will affect clients

0945 – 1000: Attend departmental meeting to discuss latest trends and action points

1000 - 1130: Use info gathered through monitoring to produce intelligence reports for client

1130 – 1200: Answer internal and client requests with information gathered through earlier monitoring process alongside specialist insight and local intelligence.

1200 – 1300: Lunch

1300 – 1330: Keep up to date with departmental admin

1330 – 1700: Answer more ad-hoc client requests / work on on-going risk reports / attend meeting on upcoming projects / produce marketing content etc.

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