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There are growing opportunities to work for in a security role in the media sector. The security function could be a High Risk team - a function that generally supports teams who deploy to work in hostile environments and assist staff with engaging in activities defined as high risk. 


High Risk Team provides advice to programme makers deploying to hostile or dangerous environments, undertaking high risk programme making activities such as covert investigations, and covering high risk events such as natural disasters. For an example, you could work for BBC, Reuters, Netflix, Disney, Sky News or other media and broadcast studios.

High Risk Advisor


  • Provide specialist advice to teams deploying into a designated country, supporting the newsgathering and production teams on the ground and through all stages from planning and development through to enabling delivery on the ground.

  • Perform routine threat analysis.

  • Provide safety and security briefings for all new arrivals to the organisation.

  • Provide advice and support to management on routine procedures and protocols, along with supervision of locally contracted guards and security personnel.

  • Draft risk assessment documentation for in-country staff and visiting teams, and maintain a safety and security database and records on staff operating in-country.

  • Support the day-to-day safety and security policy requirements against programme and operational practicalities.


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